The organisation has been named after Leonard Cheshire, who was a bomber pilot in World War II. After his war experiences he felt a strong need to validate his life and was drawn to the idea of service to others.

In 1948 Leonard heard of a fellow service man who had fallen terminally ill, this man was in dire straits with no family, means and without a place to go.

Leonard took Arthur in and cared for him until his death. From such a small and unplanned beginning was the world wide Cheshire organisation to grow. Today there are Cheshire organisations and homes all over the world.

In 1965 Cheshire Home was started in South Africa. A visitor from the United Kingdom, holidaying in Durban, realised that there was a desperate need for a service for disabled people in our country. She made contact with community leaders, committees were set up and Cheshire Home South Africa took its first tentative steps.

The first home, Queensburgh, was opened in 1968. Today there are six branches and sixteen homes in this country, Turfhall Cheshire Home being one of them.

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