OutsideGateTurfhall Cheshire Home provide residential care to 60 severely physically disabled adults from previously disadvantaged communities. We opened our doors on 10 November 1984 and some of the original staff are still at the home.

Our mission is to provide residential care to people with severe physical disabilities from previously disadvantaged communities who receive a disability grant as their only source of income. To provide them with a stable, caring and nurturing environment.


The cost to support a person per month in this home is R4104. We get R856 per month from the individual’s disability grant and R1728 per person from state support. This means that we have a shortfall of R1520 per person per month and R1 094 400.00 per annum. We also have not received an increase in state subsidy for the last 6 years.  With 42 staff members standing by to help the people in need, we need your support to keep this home open!!

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